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Dance Nutrition 101 – Fuelling frequently helps

"How often should I eat" "Should I eat three big meals or six small meals?" "Am I allowed to snack or not?" Well, for most dancers, snacking helps with re-fuelling and replenishing vital energy and nutrients so you can dance with precision for longer.   Remember that exercise has an effect of suppressing your appetite… Continue reading Dance Nutrition 101 – Fuelling frequently helps

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Back to School Eating Tips

I thought I wrote the Holiday Snacking post only a week ago but surprise, it's Term 3 already!       So now that school's back, let's look at some tips to get back into the rhythm.   The big difference between school and holiday is that you don't get as much flexibility in when to… Continue reading Back to School Eating Tips

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Snacking on holiday workshops

  Winter school holiday is about to start (or have started already for the lucky ones!) and you're mostly likely going to attend holiday workshops.   A full day of dancing, great!   Let's make the most out of it by fuelling and nourishing enough.   I want to focus on snacks this time because… Continue reading Snacking on holiday workshops