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Dance Nutrition 101 – Protein supplements are neither good nor bad

Protein is, like many other nutrients, important for dancers.   You can get enough from food so supplements are only needed when eating is not adequate or there's some benefit with convenience/travel.   U;ve answered the common questions around protein supplements before and you can read it here.   Fumi x  

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Q&A with Fumi [Do I need to take protein supplements?]

I've decided to start this Q&A series because there are many questions that I get asked so often that I think it deserves a written response. (And so that I can go "read more here!") Q: Do I need to take protein supplements to build muscles?   My Answer: You don't "need" to, because you… Continue reading Q&A with Fumi [Do I need to take protein supplements?]

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Food and Nutrition for Dancers I

Dancers' nutrition requirements This post is going to be pure nutrition science so get your nerdy brain working! Food is fuel and how you fuel your body can have a significant impact on your development as a dancer. Your long-term nutrition can affect your physical, psychological, and emotional health; all of which make up your… Continue reading Food and Nutrition for Dancers I