Dancers Don’t Diet offers Inidividual Nutrition Therapy for dancers of all levels as well as Group Workshops at dance studios, schools and organisations for students, parents, teachers and other allied health practitioners. We also offer Policy Development and Menu Reviews for dance schools and companies.


Individual Nutrition Therapy


If you are after personalised, evidence-based and effective nutritional therapy, this is for you.

What we specialise in:

  • Performance Nutrition
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Women’s Health
  • Improving your relationship with food and body


Individual Nutrition Therapy is offered in-person and online.

In-person: Clinic is located on Level 7, 105 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 (inside Welcome To Wellbeing)

Online: An online video platform that allows you to receive DDD’s premium nutrition therapy in the comfort of your own home. A secure link will be sent to you to maintain your confidentiality.


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Group Workshops

Student's activity during group workshop

Group workshops are very popular for schools and studios that support their dancers inside and out. With this interactive and informative workshop, your dancers will learn the fundamentals of Performance Nutrition and ways to respectfully nourish their growing bodies.


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Policy Development and Menu Reviews


This premium service is for schools and organisations that will take the proactive step in educating, supporting and empowering their dancers and staff members for nutrition and wellbeing. Having a Nutrition Policy helps you keep all students, staff and parents informed of the importance of food and eating for optimum performance; prevent disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders; and maintain high quality standards for your organisation. DDD will also help you plan and organise the optimum menu for your canteen and food service.

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