Iron Deficiency in Dancers

Iron is probably the most well-known micronutrient, and it doesn't hurt to consolidate your understanding on this because without enough iron, your physical performance can be impaired. Treatment and Prevention of iron deficiency is often not difficult, and involves ensuring adequate intake from foods.

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Q&A: Should dancers fast?

This article is to answer a question I received on Instagram.   Q: I heard fasting is good for you, but is it recommended for dancers?   A: My answer is no. Fasting isn't a great thing to do for your body as a dancer, especially if you're in intense training.   Your body naturally… Continue reading Q&A: Should dancers fast?


Dance Nutrition 101 – Breakfast can help you dance better

  Of all the things said about food and nutrition, having breakfast well before your morning class can truly help you dance better. It doesn't have to be a fancy green smoothie (sure can if you like that!) A classic PB&J sandwich, or oats/cereal with milk, can do its job.   Some things that my… Continue reading Dance Nutrition 101 – Breakfast can help you dance better

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Dance Nutrition 101 – A milkshake or a smoothie can be a useful snack

It's going to be another hot weekend they say.   The combination of the heatwave followed by rain and a sudden drop in temperature can definitely make things more challenging to adjust.   You may experience lower appetite because of the heat or simply just too tired with all the summer school lessons.   One… Continue reading Dance Nutrition 101 – A milkshake or a smoothie can be a useful snack


Thank You 2018, Hello 2019!

In a few more hours 2018 is going to go and 2019 will show its face.   What a fulfilling year it has been!   DDD turned ONE   I travelled to two international countries; Japan to run a Dance Nutrition Seminar and education for doctors and dietitians regarding eating disorder treatment; and America to… Continue reading Thank You 2018, Hello 2019!

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Body Image, Dance and Eating

  When you hear "Body Image", what do you think of? Is it... how you see yourself in the mirror? Is it... what you think of your body? It is... what you think others may be thinking of your body?   Understanding Body Image is crucial for dancers (and teachers!) because you're expressing your emotions,… Continue reading Body Image, Dance and Eating


Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more

I was in Melbourne to attend the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders’ annual conference. I knew it’ll be a worthwhile trip because of the great line-up of presenters but O H  M Y goodness, it was mind-blowing!   Courageous Conversations This was the theme for the conference. Providing a safe and brave… Continue reading Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more


“Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!

  When someone (even a doctor) tells you to "lose weight to improve your health", it just doesn't make sense. Because your weight isn't reflective of your health behaviours, nor is it an accurate indicator of health status. Weight-loss seeking diets will deprive you both physically and psychologically as you restrict your food intake, variety… Continue reading “Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!