Body Image, Dance and Eating

  When you hear "Body Image", what do you think of? Is it... how you see yourself in the mirror? Is it... what you think of your body? It is... what you think others may be thinking of your body?   Understanding Body Image is crucial for dancers (and teachers!) because you're expressing your emotions, … Continue reading Body Image, Dance and Eating

Why I don’t promote dieting in dancers

  Whenever I mention Dancers Don't Diet, I'm asked more often than not the reason why I don't promote dieting in dancers. When people ask me this question I can see this speech bubble popping up above their head like that in a cartoon: "but don't dancers need to be thin to dance and so … Continue reading Why I don’t promote dieting in dancers

Why #morethanmybody is Important – Recap from Love Your Body Week

You would've noticed on my instagram page the recurring hashtag, #morethanmybody, throughout last week's Love Your Body Week (3-9 September) 2018.       Love Your Body Week is an initiative to promote good body image and raise awareness of eating disorders.   So, isn't that a good thing and why use the extra #morethanmybody hashtag … Continue reading Why #morethanmybody is Important – Recap from Love Your Body Week

Dancer’s Guide to Performance Nutrition

  We're about to enter the last quarter of 2018, which means the performance season is coming up for many dance schools. So here's some eating tips to maximise your performance and keep you well.   [1] Maintain regular and adequate Everyday Eating Think of the everyday eating as a foundation work, because if the … Continue reading Dancer’s Guide to Performance Nutrition