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Back to School Eating Tips

I thought I wrote the Holiday Snacking post only a week ago but surprise, it's Term 3 already!       So now that school's back, let's look at some tips to get back into the rhythm.   The big difference between school and holiday is that you don't get as much flexibility in when to… Continue reading Back to School Eating Tips

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Dancer’s Hydration Guide for Summer

Have you ever felt light-headed, dizzy, or just not at your best during class in Summer, for no particular reason? Because the reason behind it can be as simple as dehydration.   As a dancer you want to keep well-hydrated because with dehydration comes fatigue, cramps, and disrupted concentration. If it's severe then you may… Continue reading Dancer’s Hydration Guide for Summer

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Veggies for Dancers – how can veggies help you perform better?

Here in Australia it's National Nutrition Week (15-21 October 2017) and the aim of this is to encourage everyone to eat 5 serves of veggies a day. Yeah veggies!! . . . . . . . .... Not excited? Are yo thinking, "does veggies even have anything to do with dancers' health and performance"? Well,… Continue reading Veggies for Dancers – how can veggies help you perform better?