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Dance Nutrition 101 – Your Body Needs Carbohydrates

Dancers, Your body needs carbohydrate to function optimally.   Carbohydrate will help keep you focused so you can work on refining the details in technique; give you stamina during lessons/rehearsals/shows; and help your body metabolise and utilise protein and other important nutrients to build a strong and resilient body.   Bread, pasta, rice and potatoes… Continue reading Dance Nutrition 101 – Your Body Needs Carbohydrates

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Dancer’s Guide to Performance Nutrition

  We're about to enter the last quarter of 2018, which means the performance season is coming up for many dance schools. So here's some eating tips to maximise your performance and keep you well.   [1] Maintain regular and adequate Everyday Eating Think of the everyday eating as a foundation work, because if the… Continue reading Dancer’s Guide to Performance Nutrition

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Back to School Eating Tips

I thought I wrote the Holiday Snacking post only a week ago but surprise, it's Term 3 already!       So now that school's back, let's look at some tips to get back into the rhythm.   The big difference between school and holiday is that you don't get as much flexibility in when to… Continue reading Back to School Eating Tips

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Snacking on holiday workshops

  Winter school holiday is about to start (or have started already for the lucky ones!) and you're mostly likely going to attend holiday workshops.   A full day of dancing, great!   Let's make the most out of it by fuelling and nourishing enough.   I want to focus on snacks this time because… Continue reading Snacking on holiday workshops

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“Am I eating enough?”

It's challenging to eat enough than not in dance. In fact, you probably won't realise the importance of eating enough until you actually eat enough consistently and experience that great recovery and feeling energised each lesson.   When your body receives adequate (=enough) food to fuel your body, it can execute more power, increase endurance,… Continue reading “Am I eating enough?”

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What makes a Healthy Dancer?

In one of the most recent workshops we had, students jot down the first word(s) that came to mind to define what makes a dancer healthy. They did this right at the beginning of the workshop and at the end. And the words that came out was great. Words that came out at the beginning… Continue reading What makes a Healthy Dancer?

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There’s more to Bone Health than just Calcium

  You could be enjoying a glass of milk, a tub of yoghurt, a few slices of cheese, and even sardines with bones. And yet you may be suffering from repeated fractures.   Why?   That's what we're going to talk about today - a particular issue common among dancers.   (If you haven't read… Continue reading There’s more to Bone Health than just Calcium

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A Dancer’s Guide to Gut Health

Gut health is a trending hot topic. It has been so for the last few years.   Is it relevant to dancers?   Oh, definitely!   If you have a healthy gut then you can minimise the negative effects of strenuous training, promote adequate and timely recovery, and keep yourself strong both physically and mentally.… Continue reading A Dancer’s Guide to Gut Health

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Nutrition for Healing – A step by step guide summary

There's nothing more upsetting than suffering an injury in dance, especially right before an important show or an audition. Recovery feels like a never ending road because the injury challenges you both physically and mentally.   It's heart-breaking for me to see you suffer and that's why I talk about nourishment and adequate fuelling to… Continue reading Nutrition for Healing – A step by step guide summary