We Can Stop Eating Disorders Before They Start. And We Should.

Being aware of eating disorders can make a big difference to you as a dancer, but unfortunately the conversation is hardly ever held in schools or even between teachers and students.   Dancers today are provided with loads of resources about ankle sprains, knee and hip injuries, and prehab workouts to prevent injuries from happening … Continue reading We Can Stop Eating Disorders Before They Start. And We Should.

Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more

I was in Melbourne to attend the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders’ annual conference. I knew it’ll be a worthwhile trip because of the great line-up of presenters but O H  M Y goodness, it was mind-blowing!   Courageous Conversations This was the theme for the conference. Providing a safe and brave … Continue reading Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more

Back to School Eating Tips

I thought I wrote the Holiday Snacking post only a week ago but surprise, it's Term 3 already!       So now that school's back, let's look at some tips to get back into the rhythm.   The big difference between school and holiday is that you don't get as much flexibility in when to … Continue reading Back to School Eating Tips

Snacking on holiday workshops

  Winter school holiday is about to start (or have started already for the lucky ones!) and you're mostly likely going to attend holiday workshops.   A full day of dancing, great!   Let's make the most out of it by fuelling and nourishing enough.   I want to focus on snacks this time because … Continue reading Snacking on holiday workshops

“Am I eating enough?”

It's challenging to eat enough than not in dance. In fact, you probably won't realise the importance of eating enough until you actually eat enough consistently and experience that great recovery and feeling energised each lesson.   When your body receives adequate (=enough) food to fuel your body, it can execute more power, increase endurance, … Continue reading “Am I eating enough?”

The link between Dancers and Eating Disorders

Last Saturday was World Eating Disorders Action Day.   And I had a flashback to a moment several years ago where a doctor said, abruptly, "all ballet dancers have eating disorders. They have it so they can keep themselves thin".   Uh   NO.   HELL NO.   Let me do some myth-busting for you. … Continue reading The link between Dancers and Eating Disorders

“It’s time to write our own story”

  Today is World Eating Disorders Action Day and my message to you is that you don't need to be someone else. You are already worthy of respect, love and care.   "It's time to write our own story"... Are you ready to take the journey of your story? I'll always be here to support … Continue reading “It’s time to write our own story”

What makes a Healthy Dancer?

In one of the most recent workshops we had, students jot down the first word(s) that came to mind to define what makes a dancer healthy. They did this right at the beginning of the workshop and at the end. And the words that came out was great. Words that came out at the beginning … Continue reading What makes a Healthy Dancer?

“Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!

  When someone (even a doctor) tells you to "lose weight to improve your health", it just doesn't make sense. Because your weight isn't reflective of your health behaviours, nor is it an accurate indicator of health status. Weight-loss seeking diets will deprive you both physically and psychologically as you restrict your food intake, variety … Continue reading “Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!

What happens when you start counting calories?

I'm against calorie-counting for a reason and that is that counting calories makes you vulnerable and insecure around food and exercise. (not to mention that counting calories, or any form of dieting, does not help you lose weight in the long term - it actually leads to regaining more) This account by Joanna really depicts … Continue reading What happens when you start counting calories?