Body Respect in Dance – reflecting on your own thoughts

Happy New Year!

The start of a new decade is an interesting one. I think it holds a unique mix of hope, excitement and anticipation.

Whether you’re an Australian dancer preparing for Summer intensives, or a dancer in the northen hemisphere getting ready to go back to school next week, here’s an advice for you to start creating a respectful dance environment to nurture body positivity.

Start reflecting on your own thoughts and beliefs around body, weight and sizes.

How do you treat people with different body sizes?

How do you treat yourself when you are lighter vs heavier?

What messages are you creating when you say, “I’m so fat”, when in fact you’re at a socially normal size? How would a person in a larger body feel if those comments came from you?

When you say, or agree to the message that, “dancers need to be thin”, what impact does it have on those who are not thin and love dancing? To deny their rights to be a dancer?

It is true that to be a dancer you need outstanding physical capacity, as well as emotional and psychological strength.

That, however, doesn’t give anyone the right to discriminate, make fun of, or disrespect any bodies that are not up to that standard.

Including yourself.

Body respect starts from, first, reflecting on your own bias, thoughts and beliefs around certain weights, sizes and shapes.

We KNOW that equality and respect are important.

But are we acting so?

Instead of blindly setting another weight loss or dieting goal for this year, why not use the time to explore ways to practice respect for all bodies, including your own?

Fumi x

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