There's Nothing Wrong with Eating More this Holiday

One week countdown to Christmas begins.

School’s over and it’s time to enjoy the Summer break!

But what gets in the way of relaxing and having fun is…


“How to make up for eating too much over Christmas”

“Best foods to shed kilo’s for your holiday”

“Diet starts from Boxing Day”

Those are just some of the many headings on magazines and adverts on the radio I’ve come across this week.

It creates food guilt, worsens body insecurity, and ruins the joyous holiday spirit overall.

There is nothing wrong with eating more over the holidays.

And there’s no need to feel like you have to ‘make up’ for it once the holiday’s over.

For dancers, you are often running on suboptimal fuel before the Christmas break due to the performance season that involves long hours of dancing with little window to eat enough and recover.

Your body will actually love the holiday with extra eating and fuelling, because it can now finally recover completely.

Some days, your holiday eating may look very similar to your school/work day eating.

Some days, it may be a big brunch mid-morning with the family, late lunch with friends before going to the Movies, then a snack on the way home and dinner with the family.

Some days you may go out for every meal.

Some days it may be a lot of grazing throughout the day, while other days may be just getting three main meals between Summer school classes.

There is no right or wrong way to eat during the holiday, and you definitely don’t need to feel any guilt for eating what you like.

The aim of Holidays is to give your body enough rest and nourishment to recover from the hard work you’ve gone through over the year.

That way, you can start 2020 with a well-rested and recovered body, ready to take on more challenges and adventures in the new year.


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