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Q&A: Does eating fat make you fat?

Does eating fat make you fat_


I received this question and I pondered on it for quite some time because of a few reasons.


  1. It sounds to me that the person who asked this wants me to say ‘no’ to enoucrage them to eat fat-containing foods
  2. Saying ‘no’ can send the wrong message that supports weight stigma and discrimination. Fatness isn’t a body shape to be afraid or ashamed of.


So I’m going to give you the right information around fats.


Eating foods containing fats are important for you because fats play a key role in your health, growth, development and performance.

  • Fats is a rich source of energy
  • Fats is crucial for cell membranes
  • Fats, especially DHA from fish, are important for the brain and cognitive development and function
  • Fats, such as cholesterol, are the precursor of vitamin D and some hormones


I often see dancers and teenagers cutting out fat-containing foods such as dairy, oils, creams, peanut butter and nuts, from the fear that they are “bad for you”.


But here’s the fact.


Cutting out fats can often lead to amenorrhoea (the period stops) or menstrual irregularities.

Cutting out fats can deteriorate your skin and hair conditions.

Fearing foods will never give you the freedom you deserve.


Fats are essential for health.

If you are in a state of needing to grow or weight restore, fats are especially important as it will be a strong helper.



Fumi x





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