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Come As You Are – Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2019

National ED awareness week 2019

As we enter the weekend of the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, let us share with you why this topic is vital for dancers.


Dancers are amazing human beings.

You are perfectionistic with such eagerness to please others.

You are selfless in the name of dance.

You are so dedicated, hardworking, and often quite critical of yourself to do better everyday.


These traits are great and can often lead to success in the field of your work.

The only thing is, these traits are also very vulnerable to Eating Disorders.


Combined with these vulnerable traits, dancers, you are in an environment where you live and breathe in leotards, receiving comments related to your body and appearance (and let’s be honest, sometimes judgemental and demeaning criticisms too) from people around you.


This places you at high risk of developing an Eating Disorder.


Remember, Eating Disorder isn’t your fault. It’s not a choice.

It’s a myth and misunderstanding that dancers develop Eating Disorders because they want to be thin.


Eating Disorders can take dance away from you, if not your life.


So if you are suffering in silence, seek help.

Trust me, we won’t judge you. We will support you so you can bring the true “you” back.


One thing that can help you protect yourself from an Eating Disorder is to consciously step away from dieting.

‘Dancers Don’t Diet’ because your mind and body are so valuable and important, and they have the natural ability to support your dancing life if you can nurture them through plentiful and compassionate nutrition.



Fumi x

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