Non Diet Approach

Dance Nutrition 101 – A craving is not a bad thing

dn101 - a craving is not a bad thing


I was talking to my client the other day and she said,


“I felt bad because I was craving for nutella”


and this led to an interesting discussion on how craving is often demonised and pointed out as a bad thing.


But craving isn’t a bad thing.


It’s a signal from your body telling you that it wants satisfaction.

It wants to be nourished and taken care of.


So if you ignore it or bluntly push it away with “will power”, it’s only normal for it to come flying back.

Because you haven’t been satisfied.


What if, instead, you allowed yourself to truly enjoy that food you’re craving for and connected with your body at an intuitive, non-judgemental state?


You’d be surprised to find out how satisfied you can get.

Or… you may find out that you’re craving for something else.


Fumi x

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