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If you’d like to eat healthfully then respecting your body is a great place to start


School resumes next week and I’m aware of the conversations that may arise: “you need to eat healthy now because —”


I’m a dietitian and I see the benefits of eating healthfully.

At the same time I also acknowledge that health isn’t just about what nutrients and how much you put in. It encompasses something much more holistic.

That is, how do you view and treat your body?


We know that proper nutrition benefits the dancer by nourishing the mind and body, and reducing injury risks (a broken bone is the last thing you want for the start of the year, right?)



But you see, eating isn’t something you can force onto someone else.


Ultimately, eating healthfully comes from a place of self respect and compassion.


So over this weekend before Term 1 I’d like to invite you to ask yourself:


“Am I eating in a way that respects and nurtures my body?”


insta - the body needs care not punishment


Fumi x

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