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Dance Nutrition 101 – A milkshake or a smoothie can be a useful snack

dn101 - a milkshake or a smoothie can be a useful snack

It’s going to be another hot weekend they say.


The combination of the heatwave followed by rain and a sudden drop in temperature can definitely make things more challenging to adjust.


You may experience lower appetite because of the heat or simply just too tired with all the summer school lessons.


One of my client also told me the other day that she feels bad for not taking a pre-made snack because she’s too tired with the heat (she usually packs fruits and bars and sandwiches).


So let me give you a tip.



Fuelling snacks can be many things and it doesn’t always have to be a protein shake or a bar.


Sometimes, in hot days especially, a coing drink can be a comfy option.


It’s actually quite great because you get to re-fuel your energy AND hydrate at the same time.


If you’re out taking lessons at other schools during this holiday, then you may find it difficult to stock things at the studio.


You can go out on your break to refresh and buy a snack to change things up a little while you’re on your school holiday.




Fumi x

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