Dance Nutrition, Injury Prevention

Dance Nutrition 101 – Nourish towards injury-free

What if proper nutrition and rest could greatly help with preventing injuries?

That’s less time out of lessons.

Less of the whining and feeling frustrated that you couldn’t be on that stage; for that show; for that competition.

That’s more time doing the thing you truly love – dancing.


This year, you can take leadership of your own wellbeing by nourishing yourself.


Proper nutrition (nourishment) and rest is one of the top five factors related to preventing dance injuries.


What does it mean to nourish to dance?

  • Eating regularly. Slotting in meal/snack times throughout your day can be useful to prevent the “oh I don’t have enough time” or “oops I forgot”.
  • Enjoying a wide variety of nutritious foods (and not demonising the Fun Foods either!) Instead of cutting out carbs or loading up only on protein, enjoy balance and variety. No foods are off limits unless you’re allergic to them.
  • Enjoying bone-building foods. Ballet training is pro-bone building but so many dancers end up with fragile bones because (1) they’re not getting enough energy and (2) they’re not having enough calcium foods.
  • Maintaining adequate hydration. That’s sipping throughout the day instead of gulping down a litre once a day.
  • Prioritising your body’s needs and saying no to diets. Your worth as a dancer lies in you being you; showing and growing your artistry and the strong passion to dance. Weight loss diets will only strip you off energy, concentration, focus and physical capabilities. Not attractive is it?


Let’s make this year, 2019, a year for you to grow to and beyond your potential by nourishing your body soul.


Fumi x


dn101 - nourish towards injury-free



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