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Dance Nutrition 101 – Fuelling frequently helps

DDD - DN101 - Fuelling frequently helps

“How often should I eat”

“Should I eat three big meals or six small meals?”

“Am I allowed to snack or not?”

Well, for most dancers, snacking helps with re-fuelling and replenishing vital energy and nutrients so you can dance with precision for longer.


Remember that exercise has an effect of suppressing your appetite to some degree. So scheduling in meal/snack times is a great starting point to not overlook your hunger!


Be open to options for snacking.

For some, liquids like smoothie helps.

Fr some, yoghurt or fruit is refreshing.

For some, a “mini meal” like sandwich triangles are more satisfying.


For more ideas on snacks for dancers, read the article here.


You’ll get much more energy, stamina, and better performance when you fuel yourself throughout the day instead of skipping meals!


Fumi x



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