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Dancer’s Guide to Performance Nutrition



We’re about to enter the last quarter of 2018, which means the performance season is coming up for many dance schools.

So here’s some eating tips to maximise your performance and keep you well.


[1] Maintain regular and adequate Everyday Eating

Think of the everyday eating as a foundation work, because if the daily eating is erratic then trying specific performance nutrition tactics won’t really take on the power.

Have your three meals plus two to three mid-meal snacks.

Nourish yourself with enough energy food (grains and starches) and muscle food (protein-rich foods) alongside with your preferred veggies and/or fruits.

You can get some meal ideas here.


[2] Go easy on high-fibre and high-fat foods before the performance

Your tummy may feel more comfortable with less fibre and fat when it comes to the meal right before going on stage.

That means, loads of salad leaves and/or deep fried foods are suited for meals other than pre-stage.

This is because it takes far more time for your digestive system to digest fats and fibre compared to simpler carbohydrates and protein.

So if you’re performing early afternoon and you usually have a wholemeal sandwich with lots of salad, then you may find it easier to digest if you go for a plain white ham or egg sandwich instead.

Or a chicken wrap instead of a schnitzel wrap.

Or peanut butter on toast instead of baked beans on toast.


[3] Equip yourself with snacks

Having a variety of snack options is helpful.

If you’re snacking between performance which are only an hour or so apart then you may want to have some nourishing drink (or semi-solid foods) for quicker digestion and absorption so it can be utilised right away.

Think smoothies, yoghurt, soups, or easily-digested foods like banana or crumpets with nut butter and jam.


Snacking is a great way to top up your fuel and improve stamina and recovery. Other popular options are sandwich, trail mixes, fruits, pancakes, and crackers with cheese/tuna/dips.



If you know that you have sensitive tummy or are prone to performance anxiety, allow yourself extra time to experiment and figure out your comfortable foods. The last thing you want during the busy performance schedule is needing to make multiple trips to the loo, or lacking physical power and energy because you haven’t given yourself enough fuel.


Fumi x



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