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Snacking on holiday workshops



Winter school holiday is about to start (or have started already for the lucky ones!) and you’re mostly likely going to attend holiday workshops.


A full day of dancing, great!


Let’s make the most out of it by fuelling and nourishing enough.


I want to focus on snacks this time because these mini-meals can really help you reach your energy and nutrition goals.

And you might even find new snacks this holiday that you can incorporate into your school-term days.


How can snacking be helpful?

Snacking is a great way to refuel without feeling overly full or stuffed.

If you’ve refuelled adequately then you’ll have enough energy to accelerate through the following classes.

Taking a little time to organise your dance bag to include some snacks can save you time (running around finding something) and money (buying things from a cafe is never cheap).


Things to remember about snacks between-classes:

Don’t make the mistake of skipping carbs (see here for more carbohydrate information)

Some protein is important too (see here for more protein information)

Easy-to-digest is important, which means lower in fibre and fats, because too much fibre and/or fats can slow down digestion and lead to stomach discomfort.

Try bite-size portions so (1) you can choose how many/much to eat and (2) it’s less messy.


So, what does this look like?


Snack ideas:

  • Fruits in season. Cut them up into bite-size pieces; this way you can pick on them without having to eat the whole thing in case your teacher calls you in early.
  • Sandwiches. Think peanut butter and jam; cheese and tomato; smoked salmon. Cut them into 2’s or 4’s so it’s easier to eat.
  • Sushi rolls. Pre-cut ones are easy too!
  • Trail mix.
  • Crumpets, English muffins or bagels with cream cheese spread.
  • Yogurt with some fruits or muesli. If you have a fridge to keep them cool, perfect!
  • Pop corn.
  • Plain crackers with hummus and/or other dips.


Holiday’s a great time to experiment with different food/meal ideas.

It’s also a good time to play around in the kitchen, cooking and baking. So get your hands on and prepare a meal or snack for yourself.


Do you have a favourite snack? Let us know!




Fumi x


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