Student's activity during group workshop
dance health, Dance Nutrition, Non Diet Approach

What makes a Healthy Dancer?

In one of the most recent workshops we had, students jot down the first word(s) that came to mind to define what makes a dancer healthy.
They did this right at the beginning of the workshop and at the end.
And the words that came out was great.
Words that came out at the beginning included “vegetables” “slim and toned” “sleep” “rest” “happy”.
After the workshop this expanded to “balance” “including all foods” “mindset” “positivity” “dancers don’t diet” (whoever wrote this one I love you!)
When it comes to health, it’s not just about the physical body.
You are so much more than what you look.
Let’s think about the inside too.
How are you feeling?
What’s your energy level like?
Are you getting enough rest to recover?
How are you approaching food?
Are you satisfied after your meals?
Do you feel nourished, instead of just being loaded with nutrients?
How you feel about yourself will affect how you take care of, and feed, yourself.
Trust me, your body is special and unique already in its most original form.
Don’t you think it’ll be wonderful if you can take care of your body with kindness, giving it adequate food, rest and fun between your training, instead of seeing it as a not-good-enough thing that needs to be fixed?
Fumi x

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