Non Diet Approach

On detox cleanse diets and how curious eating is much better for a dancer’s wellbeing


The Diet Industry is full of clever people.

Otherwise how can they create so many boohoo “diets” every season?

One that I get asked a lot about is the detox/cleanse diet.

Apparently these are meant to “reset your metabolism” by “getting rid of toxins” blah blah (according to websites and catalogues that promote these diets).

Most of these ‘cleanses’ are shorter in duration than other diets with three days being a popular time frame.

Needless to say, these promote (& even promise) weight loss but never tell you of the regain to follow and the risks associated with weight cycling.

Interestingly, many people know that these cleanses are very short-term and not maintainable.

Yet they fall for it.

Some will even spend hundreds of dollars on the special cleanse/detox teas and concussions.

Why is that so?

I think it’s because they are SUPER short in duration.

… “Because it’s only three days…”
… “Surely I can maintain my motivation and self discipline for three days…”
… “Three days of not eating won’t hurt…”

See how super-short-term cleanses can easily trick you in to accepting disordered eating?

Let me keep this clear: any form of dieting/cleanses/detoxes promote and encourage disordered eating behaviour and is NOT healthful for you, especially if you are looking to perform better on stage.

“Well then what can I do instead if I wanted to start a health journey right now?”

Great question.

So you want to be healthier.
That’s a great idea.

And after reviewing your lifestyle you’ve come to realise that maybe there’s some eating habits you can work on.

May I ask: What eating habits of yours made you think “maybe this thing in particular isn’t a healthful behaviour for me”?

Is it…

  • boredom eating?
  • picking on snacks mindlessly?
  • drinking too much that you’re feeling ill the next day?
  • not enjoying as much fruits and vegetables you’d like to?
  • eating “too much” of “the bad food”? (tip: if this is the case then I highly recommend swapping the word “bad” to “sometimes” so that you’re not putting psychological restrictions and moral values on your food choices)
May I offer an idea here… Why don’t you just pick ONE thing to start?
And genuinely approach this with curiosity:
“I wonder why I’m engaging in this behaviour when deep inside I know that it isn’t helping me with my health goals?”
Curiosity is a powerful thing.
It allows you to explore your intrinsic wisdom and challenge external influences.
All the cleanses and diets are externally imposed restrictions which goes against the body’s natural system to nourish and thrive.
Instead, applying curiosity and allowing yourself to explore your body’s needs can truly help you to step out of the dieting trap.
Fumi x

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