Injury Recovery, Non Diet Approach

Curiosity feeds intuitive eating and artistry

Live life to the full, and become more curious every day

Curiosity is a wonderful thing.

It’s what drives learning and development; to enrich and flourish life.

A curious mind is an asset to all dancers, regardless of age, level, or style, because it helps grow your artistry… and also a healthy relationship with food.


The Curious Mind and Eating

With so much rigid rules around food and nutrition, it’s very easy to fall in the trap of self-criticism and distrust around food choices.

“… I should eat this food in this much amount at this time…”

The problem with this is that the food rules you.

When things don’t go “according to plan” it will make you anxious and take the power away from you to see the big picture.



With curiosity, however, you can flip this around and make it a process of self discovery and improvement.


Applying curiosity means taking an open mind and view towards food.

It’s about being mindful of the thoughts that come in, without judgement, and allowing yourself to acknolwedge then explore the thought.

Like mindful eating – you’ve heard that term before, right?

“… How would I rate my hunger now, say, on a scale of 1-10? … and how much would I want to eat if I want to be comfortably full…?”

“… what do I feel like eating for breakfast?”

“… I wonder how ~~~ (food) will sit in my stomach?”

and if something didn’t feel ‘right’ after eating it, then “what can I try next time instead?”


This is a process of self feedback.

There’s no right or wrong.


It’s just like the process of figuring out how to best present yourself on stage – you need to try with your own body what makes you feel comfortable and in power, showing the best of yourself. Artistry is something you keep improving through continuous investigation and discovery.


Being curious about your food choices, patterns, and behaviours gives YOU the power over food and not the other way around.


It allows you to create the way of eating that meets your unique needs and optimises true nourishment.



Fumi x





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