Non Diet Approach

Dancers DON’T need Weight Watchers



You’ve seen it?

You’ve heard it?


Weight Watchers want to put teens as young as 13 on a diet.


D O   N O T ! ! !

For those of you who don’t know what Weight Watchers is, it’s a dieting company.

It trains you to count points for all the foods and drinks you consume and you need to stay under your “points budget” provided. Everyday. Forever until you lose weight.


H o w   d e m e a n i n g.


On their website they state this:

“Steadily losing a small amount of weight really adds up in the long run, especially while you are still growing”

Oh yes of course, it will add A LOT of body shame, weight stigma, disordered eating and malnutrition. All of which are negative influences on health and performance.


“You have the best chance of weight loss success if your whole family gets involved in leading a healthy lifestyle”


Healthy lifestyle isn’t about losing weight or fitting into a particular weight range. It’s about nourishing your body physically and psychologically.

  • Listening to your hunger/fullness cues
  • Responding to emotional/psychological needs
  • Enjoying your meals
  • Not depriving yourself of the above needs
  • Being kind to yourself and others
  • Engaging in activities that makes you feel good or moving your body in a comfortable way


If you’re a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to acknowledge and respect the child’s body as it is. Putting your child on a diet is not an answer or a solution to anything.


Weight loss does NOT define your success.


You are you.


Your body isn’t a problem to be fixed.

It never was and it never will be.



There isn’t a week I don’t see students/clients in tears due to the damage they’ve endured due to dieting.

It wrecks my heart.



No teens require Weight Watchers.

Saying no to dieting is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself.


And I’ll be here to support you.



Fumi x

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