Non Diet Approach

Three ways in which Eating can enhance your performance



There are three things that eating can do for you, as a dancer, but too often only two of them are considered and the third one never spoken.


So let’s have a look.



The three things that eating can bring to you:

  1. Eating plentifully will support your ability to dance, physically.
  2. Eating plentifully and healthfully can help prevent some injuries; or in case of an already injured dancer, it can help accelerate the healing process.
  3. Eating intuitively and mindfully can nourish your mind and body.


How often do you think about Number 3?


Allowing yourself more satisfaction and nourishment from eating can add richness to your character, the performing artist, as a whole.



When you go on a diet and get immersed in the dieting regime, you shut out a lot of the sensory pleasures from eating.


Sure, you can start off “motivated” by eating an apple instead of chocolate for your afternoon snack, and yes, nutritionally speaking apples can be considered “healthier” than chocolates.


But what about that satisfaction you can get only by eating chocolate?


Soon eating an apple will become a chore instead of a choice, and when things become a chore you don’t have much love for it anymore.


Wanting to eat healthier is a great thought when it’s coming from self-love.

Taking care of your body is a responsible and respectful tihng to do as a dancer.


But instead of just blindly creating or following the numerous dieting rules out there, give yourself some time to think.


“I wonder why I’m always reaching for that chocolate in the afternoon? What is it giving me?”


“Would I enjoy having an apple everyday? What other choices can I offer myself?”


“Why am I wanting to cut this food out of my regular eating? What am I feeling? What thoughts do I have on this?”


I love this statement from Paul Bowler, a fabulous Cirque performer:

In dance, the goal is not the fouette turn or the arabesque, per se, but to have a language, a conversation, with the audience


Just like that, you can have a language, a conversation, with your body.

“What do I feel like eating?”

“Why do I feel like eating this?”

“How do I feel after eating that?”

“Am I looking for anything else?”




Fumi x

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