Dance Nutrition, Non Diet Approach

How Prix de Lausanne’s Health Policy can Help You


It has started. Prix de Lausanne 2018.

I have so much respect for the dancers there.

Making it to this level requires exceptional effort, dedication, and skills.



And lots of self-care for your body.



Because you can’t dance without a solid base.




Prix de Lausanne acknowledges this and encourages dancers to put health first.

That’s why they have developed a Health Policy.

(… Didn’t know they had one? Well now you do!)




There they clearly state this:

Good health is essential to us all, but it is especially important at the high levels of performance which classical ballet demands


Compromising your health, in pursuit of thinness or “that ideal body”, will reduce your ability to develop through the training you need in your future professional career.



“But I NEED to be thin to dance!”, you might say.




And I hear that.


It’s hard not to think or dream about obtaining a thin frame in the world of ballet because that’s the image that’s been put forward for so many years.




But you know what?



This Health Policy is here to help you.


It’s there to tell you that you have the right to eat enough to fuel your body for what it needs to dance at your best.


They are concerned that  “70% of dancers are consuming less than 85% of the recommended calories” (= energy).


Thinness isn’t what captures the audience’s heart.


It’s how you shine from within.


And if you are (consciously or unconsciously) depriving your body of its much-needed fuel, you just can’t move and express at your best.


That’s why Dancers Don’t Diet.



Fumi x


You can learn about the very basics of nutrition here and here.

For more meal ideas, read here.


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