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Our approach to food and eating is different to many as we offer a Non-Diet approach based on Health at Every Size principles. With our curious minds and passion for helping dancers, we offer you rich information on how compassionate and respectful eating can enhance your performance, prevent injuries, accelerate rehab, improve body image and grow your artistry.

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The link between Dancers and Eating Disorders

Last Saturday was World Eating Disorders Action Day.   And I had a flashback to a moment several years ago where a doctor said, abruptly, “all ballet dancers have eating disorders. They have it so they can keep themselves thin”.   Uh   NO.   HELL NO.   Let me do some myth-busting for you. … Continue reading The link between Dancers and Eating Disorders

“Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!

  When someone (even a doctor) tells you to “lose weight to improve your health”, it just doesn’t make sense. Because your weight isn’t reflective of your health behaviours, nor is it an accurate indicator of health status. Weight-loss seeking diets will deprive you both physically and psychologically as you restrict your food intake, variety … Continue reading “Lose weight to improve your health”… just doesn’t make sense!

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