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Our approach to food and eating is different to many as we offer a Non-Diet approach based on Health at Every Size principles. With our curious minds and passion for helping dancers, we offer you rich information on how compassionate and respectful eating can enhance your performance, prevent injuries, accelerate rehab, improve body image and grow your artistry.

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We Can Stop Eating Disorders Before They Start. And We Should.

Being aware of eating disorders can make a big difference to you as a dancer, but unfortunately the conversation is hardly ever held in schools or even between teachers and students.   Dancers today are provided with loads of resources about ankle sprains, knee and hip injuries, and prehab workouts to prevent injuries from happening … Continue reading We Can Stop Eating Disorders Before They Start. And We Should.

Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more

I was in Melbourne to attend the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders’ annual conference. I knew it’ll be a worthwhile trip because of the great line-up of presenters but O H  M Y goodness, it was mind-blowing!   Courageous Conversations This was the theme for the conference. Providing a safe and brave … Continue reading Eating Disorders conference wrap (ANZAED) plus more

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